Month: December 2018

Is mediation just a tool?

There is a lot of misconception regarding meditation. As meditation and other forms of mindfulness continue to grow in the American and Western European imagination, it’s going to continue to run into a whole range of misconceptions. One of the most common objections people have to meditation is that is some sort of religious experience. […]

What does meditation plug into?

  Please read the title again. I’m not talking about some sort of hardware plug here. I’m not talking about some sort of device sticking into some sort of slot. Instead, I’m talking about how meditation plugs into your mental processes. You have to understand that meditation is not a mystical activity. It is not […]

Personal power is a choice

  I want you to think about the most successful person that you know. Maybe it’s that millionaire uncle who lives in a big house up in the hills. Maybe it’s your friend’s dad who drives the latest Ferrari. Maybe it’s your mom’s uncle who started with nothing and became a multibillionaire. Regardless of which […]