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INDEX of SPIRITUAL LAWS UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL LAWS The Spiritual Laws are split into four categories, the first being: ‘The Basic Laws of Life’: The Law of Attraction The Law of Request The Law of Resistance The Law of Reflection The Law of Projection The Law of Attachment

What Is Wholeness And Why Do You Need It?

We live in a modern world where the world pretty much slices and dices us. Just take a look at how marketing and political persuasion are done. If you’re trying to get some sort of political message across, you dig into the demographic of the audience you’re trying to reach: their age range, gender distribution, […]

Doing This Cripples Your Relationships

What is the number one sin that you could commit that will torpedo your relationships? What kind of action is guaranteed to throw your relationship with other people for a loop? This applies to all types of relationship. It may be a business relationship, an intimate relationship, or your relationship with your family members and […]

The 10x Rule Applied

 1.Your Blog Site 2.Facebook 2a.Facebook 3.Twitter 3.Twitter 4.Instagram 5.Youtube 6.Google+ 7.Fan Pages 7a.Fan Pages 7b.Fan Pages 8.Pinterest 9.Money Videos 10.Teach Others Videos 11.Mind Videos 12.Digital Products Videos 13.Podcasts 14.PDF Applied 15.Mp3 Applied 16.Video Applied 17.eBooks Applied 18.Kindle Books Applied 19.Audio Books Applied 20.Current Project Applied


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