What does meditation plug into?


Please read the title again. I’m not talking about some sort of hardware plug here. I’m not talking about some sort of device sticking into some sort of slot. Instead, I’m talking about how meditation plugs into your mental processes. You have to understand that meditation is not a mystical activity. It is not an activity that requires religion, mysticism or spirituality.

In fact, even though many strains of meditation and mindfulness practices can be traced to religion, the essence of this practice is plugged into your mind. The human mind is universal. People all over the world, regardless of what they look like, the color of their skin, how much money they make or their body type, are the same, mentally speaking.

We all have the same hardware. What separates us is the software choices we make. Meditation is so powerful because it plugs into how the human mind operates off the shelf. If you were to clear out all the cultural programming that you have and if you were to eliminate all the residues of economics and history in your life, you would have raw processing mental power and this is the same across the board.

This is what mediation plugs into. It connects with how your mind is already operating. The big difference is you learn how to make your mind work for you, instead of against you. You have to understand that people who are very successful or who seem to have the world by the tail are not physically different from you.

In fact, there’s a good chance that you are physically superior to Bill Gates. Still, he has more money than you can ever imagine. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Okay, that’s Bill Gates. He was born with all sorts of advantages and I wasn’t. It’s not fair to compare me to Bill Gates because he’s able to achieve a lot of stuff and I’m barely getting by.”

Well, you’re more than welcome to think that. You’re more than welcome to choose that mindset. But the more you choose that mindset, the more you will remain stuck. You have to understand that what other people can do, you can do if you make the right choices. It all boils down to mental clarity.

This is just the fancy way of saying that you have to let your mental processes operate and flow in such a way that they will enable you to turn a lot more of your ideas into reality. I’m not talking about hoping and wishing here. I’m not talking about hoping against hope, that somehow, some way, something good will happen. That’s not what I’m talking about.

Those are fantasies. People who engage in that kind of mental pattern barely lift a finger to change their circumstances. They remain stuck, and rightfully so, because they hang on to that type of programming. What I’m talking about is to use how your mind is already actually operating so you can turn a lot more of your ideas into goals and from goals, you turn them into plans.

When you’re able to do this, you successfully bridge the divide that separates ideas from reality. That’s right. You can turn the things that you think about into things that you can see, touch, taste, smell and hear. In other words, you can turn them into reality. That’s how powerful focus is. One of the best ways to achieve that level of focus is to adopt some sort of meditation or mindfulness practice.

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