How to Be More Theme Centric in Instagram

People relate to themes. This is why they love Halloween parties and
other types of theme-related events. These events give them the
opportunity to do something they wouldn’t normally do. It’s no different
with Instagram. If you can figure out ways to tie together certain
concepts, you should be able to resonate well with followers.
It's all about getting new followers, likes, and shares. Since the primary
concept behind Instagram is a photograph, concentrate on taking your
photos over the edge. Do what others won't or take what others have and
make it better, etc.
Instagram lets you create a theme for your profile. Not enough businesses
use this feature. If you haven’t created a theme for your profile, it’s time
to change that.
If you don’t feel you have great photography skills, you can find decent
stock photos. Many services will let you choose from hundreds, or even
thousands, of photos. Make sure the service you use is legit and they are
willing to back you up in the event of copyright infringement.
Because you want to be theme-centric on Instagram, you may need to
sharpen your graphics skills. You will need to use a program like
Photoshop (or a free equivalent), to compose the pictures that conform
to your theme. This is also going to require that you take photos that fit
into the theme you are going for.
Another way to conform to your theme is to use filters. These are
included in the Instagram platform. It will require experimenting with the
various filters available until you find something you feel will work.
Observe how others are using the filters and pay attention to which
pictures are getting the most shares. Is there a common filter that you
can determine or is something else happening to get those shares? You
may not be able to find a good filter for the theme you are shooting for,
but you should always check, just in case.
Along the same lines, you can check out other peoples’ Instagram profiles
and see what kinds of themes they are going for. Also, check out how the

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