Is Instagram for Business Underutilized

Although changing, many businesses are still not using Instagram. There is
a stigma associated with it that suggests it’s a platform only for
teenagers. It’s true you are likely to find plenty of teenagers on the
platform, the truth is, the company has made changes to expand its
As this audience expands, so does its marketing potential. This is what
Instagram management wants. If they didn’t, they would not have
opened up the platform for selling in December 2016.
It’s not enough to simply post a bunch of pictures that suggest buying
your product. You will need to interact with people in a way that gets
them to feel connected with you. Then, they will gladly share with
friends and family. This kind of sharing can go quite viral, too.
The first step is to create an account. You can sign up online. Previously,
the company only allowed signups via smart devices but has seemed to
have changed that. You can connect your Facebook account. It's possible
they will add other social media channels to connect with if they haven't
When you connect, start following people. If you used a social media
account, it would start to make connections for you. When you find
connections you want to follow, simply hit the button.
It’s important to keep the social in social media. Instagram is no
different. Even though the company is allowing more of a business-centric
presence, it doesn’t mean blasting information about your company is
going to work. People want to make connections and they want to share
valuable information.
Having said this, make sure your content stays focused on your brand.
This may seem like a contradiction to what was said in the previous
paragraph, but it is not. You need to determine a balance between
staying branded and connecting socially. The best of both worlds is when
followers become brand ambassadors on behalf of your company. This
happens more than people realize. You can nudge the process of getting brand ambassadors by seeking out
people who would love to try your products. You can give them out for
free or deep discount them. If you decide to give out free products, make
sure any reviews people make on your behalf have proper disclosures.
Currently, there is still an advantage of few businesses using Instagram
but that gap is closing quickly. This isn’t to say that as more businesses
sign up you still can’t use the platform. It just won’t be as easy as it is

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