Post Photos and Short Videos Relevant To Your Brand


Being relevant at all times makes you look professional and consistent. It is always important to post images and short videos that are relevant to your brand. If this is done correctly, you stand a chance of making your Instagram page identifiable with your brand.

On most occasions, businesses on Instagram make irrelevant posts that have nothing to do with their brand. In doing so, they confuse their audiences. This is an implication that they do not offer their audience a definite line of identification.

Posting relevant and consistent images and short videos also makes you readily identified by your audience. Internet users have a wide range of interests and are expected to only engage themselves with the content that pleases them. Capturing the interest of internet users, especially social media enthusiasts, is perhaps the most difficult thing when it comes to social media marketing.

Being consistent and relevant with your postings is an important step to capturing the interests of your audience. Therefore, it is important to always remain relevant and consistent with your Instagram postings in order to woo the support of your audience.

Applying The Power Of The 10x Rule!

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