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From: James Earl Dickens

Date: February 4,2020

Why a Digital Product Business?

Whether you're looking to work from home to free up time and spend more time with the kids or if you simply want to enjoy more time to travel or do what you love, a digital product business is your vehicle to get you there!

Think about it, what other business will allow you to work where, when and how you want?

Sure, if you buy a franchise rights to a successful business you could do well, however, who has hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest and risk?

Talking about risk, a digital product business has little to NO RISK.

You register a domain name, get web hosting and perhaps outsource some content. In the end, you would've only spent $40 max.

That's very little loss for most of us, wouldn't you agree?

Another reason why you should start a digital product business is that it's a completely automated business. You set everything up once and simply drive traffic!

Excited yet?

I'm glad you are!

The big question is, how can you get started today?

The great news is, we have courses and videos especially to help you launch your very own digital product business!


What You Get With These Digital Projects

  • Multi-Format Ebook For Maximum Device Compatibility.
  • Ready Made Sales Website & Thank You Page
  • Ready Made Affiliate Pages
  • Ready Made Legal Pages
  • Lead Magnet & Opt-in Page
  • Front End Sales Video
  • Upsell Sales Video
  • Upsell Sales Website & Thank You Page
  • Promotional Email Swipes
  • Printable Checklist
  • Resource Cheat Sheet
  • Mindmap For Visual Learners
  • Giveaway Report
  • 10 Articles
  • Ready Made Sales Banners
  • Social Media Image Pack
  • MP4 Video Format For Editing
  • High Quality MP3 Audio’s Of All Videos
  • Transparent PNGs For The Ecovers And Graphic Elements.
  • Professional Sales Website Which You Can Edit To Your Liking.
  • Running Time: 51+ Minutes
  • Product Size: 400+ MB
  • Master Resell Rights
  • Make sure your sales page is ready
  • Add the payment button(s)
  • Make sure the payment button points to your download provider
  • Organize your files